What Top Candidates Actually Want

It goes without saying that the job landscape has changed drastically over the last several years. There’s a popular stereotype about millennials and Gen Z being more prone to job-hopping, while Baby Boomers stay an average of 8+ years at a job, often longer.

While younger generations tend to bear the brunt of this stereotype, challenges with employee retention span across all ages in the present day. Contrary to popular belief, job-hopping says more about overall career satisfaction and opportunities for growth than it does about any individual’s work ethic.

Let’s explore what top candidates really want in a career and how to refine your talent acquisition efforts to attract them.

Top Candidates Want Transparency

Transparency is key for job retention. Openness and honesty goes a long way in creating the right company culture. If the people in charge of an organization aren’t practicing open communication and staying accountable, how can they expect their new hires to do the same?

This type of transparency begins in the talent acquisition process. Be clear about the expectations and responsibilities of the role, as well the compensation and benefits you’re offering. Be open and honest during interviews and maintain consistent communication while you make your decisions.

Top Candidates Want Compensation Equal to the Task

While compensation is always a key focus for candidates, it becomes increasingly important to meet expectations as a professional builds their career. Top candidates know their worth and expect to be compensated accordingly. Beyond salary, top talent looks for comprehensive benefits packages, including health insurance, retirement plans and other perks that support their overall quality of life.

Top Candidates Want Opportunities to Grow

Ambitious candidates are always looking to advance their skills and careers. They prioritize companies that invest in their employees’ growth through professional development programs, continuous learning opportunities and clear pathways for advancement. Providing these opportunities signals to candidates that the organization values their long-term potential.

Invest in Top Candidates

Your people are the investment that makes your other investments pay off. At TalentSpark, we work with employers to refine and optimize their talent acquisition efforts while providing access to a nationwide network of leading talent. 

With our 93% employee retention rate, we really do understand what candidates want. Reach out today to connect with top talent.