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Darci B. Sr. HR Manager

TalentSpark helped design a process that allowed us to interview and assess nearly 250 high-level sales candidates in a short time frame. From that group, we were able to select and hire 100 sales professionals nationwide. What was most remarkable about TalentSpark’s work was their ability to create a process that while rigorous and thorough, delighted both the hiring managers and candidates alike and enabled us to hire some of the best talent in the industry.

Zach T. HR Manager

I highly recommend the recruitment services offered by TalentSpark. TalentSpark’s experience with executive-level recruiting was on display throughout the entire engagement. They ran the entire hiring process from posting to hiring. I appreciate their ability to ask the right questions to determine our proper need. Without a doubt, we hired the best candidate all due to TalentSpark’s diligence and industry knowledge. I urge any other employers to invest in hiring TalentSpark for their recruiting needs.

Erin A. Executive Director

Interviewing for a new position can be nerve-racking. As a candidate, TalentSpark was professional, thorough and helped walk me through each step of the hiring process. They took the time to understand my qualifications for the role and asked important follow up questions when necessary. Their consistent communication created a transparent process, with no room for surprises, which helped to ease my nerves—and I got the job of my dreams. TalentSpark is a pleasure to work with and I will continue to utilize their services moving forward in my new position!