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Unconventional Hiring Strategies for Growing Companies

In today’s job market, attracting and retaining top talent has become more challenging than ever. Traditional hiring methods won’t cut it for ambitious workers who want something more from their careers.

As a response, many companies are trying out unconventional hiring practices. While some of them may surprise traditional hiring managers, they are proven to yield incredible results.

Let’s examine some out-of-the-box hiring methods that have helped companies in the current job landscape.

Embrace Remote Work

One silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic was the increasing acceptance of remote work. This hiring practice has been especially popular with tech companies, and allows workers flexibility and a greater work-life balance. Remote work also helps companies access exceptional talent across the country.

One thing we can say for certain is that remote work is here to stay. If your company has a historically regimented 9-5 model, take a moment to consider alternative options. Hybrid models are also greatly appealing to prospective hires.

Value Transferable Skills Over Professional Experience

While there are certainly fields where years of experience are required, many positions can be done by employees with the right transferable skill set. Often, the best employees are not the ones who had a 4.0 in college or worked every day of their lives, but people with strong communication, teamwork, time management and problem solving skills. Educational and work qualifications are certainly impressive, but they don’t always reflect a candidate’s true potential.

To get a better sense of your potential hire, offer skill-based assessments to gauge how successful they will be on your team. If anything, it’s a chance to review your organization’s values and determine what types of people will enhance your workplace.

Build Out Your Employee Referral Program

A strong employee referral program can produce new candidates like nobody’s business. Consider adding incentives to the process, like increasing the referral bonus or offering additional vacation days to employees.

Assuming the employee who makes the referral is a good fit at your company, there’s a strong chance they are recommending someone who also aligns with your organization’s values and mission.

Discover Innovative Staffing Solutions for Your Business

You’re building an extraordinary team, so ordinary hiring strategies aren’t going to cut it. With the help of the right staffing agency, you too can embrace unconventional hiring practices and draw great candidates to your organization. 

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