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Attracting Tech-Savvy Professionals in Idaho

Idaho is a state with stunning natural scenery, an abundance of outdoor recreation and a low cost of living. With how many jobs are available in technology here, many hiring managers are seeking skilled tech professionals. However, compared to larger tech hubs, they sometimes struggle to nab the right talent. 

For companies looking to recruit top tech talent to Idaho, here are some suggestions to strengthen your appeal:

Highlight the lifestyle benefits

Emphasize the appealing lifestyle factors available in Idaho. From world-class skiing, hiking and biking to vibrant small towns and short commute times, Idaho offers respite to burnout tech workers from crowded, expensive cities. Remind candidates of the value Idaho offers outside the immediacy of day-to-day work. 

Support tech education and training

Partner with local colleges, universities and coding academies to develop tech talent locally. Providing internship and apprenticeship opportunities also gives students the chance to gain real-world experience without leaving the state after graduation.

Emphasize growth potential

Even if your business is unable to provide the highest paying technology jobs, the right candidate will be attracted to the opportunity to grow within your organization. Providing professional development opportunities and upward mobility can be a huge bonus to technology professionals looking to relocate. 

Emphasize remote work opportunities

The trend toward remote work has been especially strong in the technology industry. Many top tech professionals are seeking opportunities that offer more flexibility and a better work-life balance. We can draw tech talent to Idaho by promoting its strong remote work opportunities. People who are looking for a change of scenery can benefit from this, while still being able to maintain their career.

Partner with the right recruiter

Hiring managers often struggle to attract and retain top technology professionals. TalentSpark can help. We offer an expansive network of local and national candidates who are eager to find their next great opportunity. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your business. Contact us today to start the process.