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Boise’s Flourishing Industries: Job Market Growth in Q4 2023

While the Idaho economy has seen its fair share of fluctuations in recent years, just like the rest of the country, it is remaining consistently healthy and growing steadier as time goes on. Boise jobs are readily available for new college graduates, executive-level candidates and those who are looking to change careers.  

Let’s take a closer look at the Boise job market as we enter the last quarter of 2023.

Trades, Transportation and Utilities Have a Hopeful Future

One of the largest opportunities for growth for Boise jobs is in the trades, transportation and utilities market. The technical industry continues to see steady job demand and growth over time, as new infrastructure is in demand as well as an aging job force who is planning on retiring over the next decade. 

Boise’s transportation industry is expected to undergo a large growth in jobs and work, though the local legislature may prevent extensive infrastructure from being built. The city of Boise is hopeful that additional public transportation will be made available in the coming years, as long as they can partner with the legislature to make it happen. 

Despite any red tape that Boise’s transportation landscape may be facing, technical jobs, trades workers and utility workers will continue to grow in demand and necessity, especially after the recent waves of retirement from older populations. Trades workers are seeing steady growth in Boise jobs, and their pay remains competitive in high-demand markets. Utilities in Boise are looking for additional infrastructure and maintenance to provide reliable power as well as to establish renewable energy options such as solar and wind power. 

In addition to the technical aspect of these industries, accountants and financial experts will be called upon to support the growth of transportation, trades and utilities. When technical industries project reliable and steady growth, accounting recruiters often predict that other jobs, such as accounting and finance, will follow. The Idaho economy will rely on technical industries to maintain steady growth in order to provide additional jobs and opportunities in the years to come. 

Boise’s Service Industry is Continuing to Grow

While many of Idaho’s entertainment venues and restaurants temporarily closed during the pandemic, they are now coming back in full force bringing additional demands for jobs in Boise. This is a strong indication of a strengthening economy.

In fact, recent data shows that the Idaho economy is primarily growing in the service industry. Jobs in particular demand in 2023 and beyond are found in theaters, restaurants and other entertainment venues. The ability to go out once again and eat, visit museums, watch shows and travel allow for the local Boise job market to grow and strengthen in a post-pandemic environment.

Similar to the trades and transportation market, full-time positions are also becoming available in the service industry again. Marketing, accounting and HR positions are opening up, and offer a steady projection of future growth and employment opportunities throughout Boise. Accounting recruiters are looking toward the service industry to find new positions and help place candidates looking for full-time work. 

The Future of the Boise Job Market

The Boise job market has shown signs of healthy growth and steady employment opportunities in recent years. In August of 2022, the unemployment rate was calculated at a strong 2.6%; a year later, it has elevated slightly to 3.2%, which remains on par with the rest of the country and is still considered to be healthy and normal. Typical unemployment rates remain between 3 – 5%, with Boise’s market falling at the lower end of that range. 

Boise jobs continue to expand and see new growth and demand among candidates of all skills and backgrounds. As skilled industries grow, white collar jobs will follow in order to support the growth and meet the projections of the industries. Accounting jobs in Boise are expected to increase in the coming months and into next year, and the right accounting recruiters will be able to help companies and candidates meet their needs and stay ahead of the curve. 

At TalentSpark, we are keeping a strong pulse on the Idaho economy and Boise jobs. Our accounting recruiters have established strong connections and networks within the job market, and we can help local accounting candidates find their next career and work in a role where they’ll thrive. Get in touch with our recruiters and find your next opportunity in Boise, Salt Lake and the rest of the Treasure Valley area.