The professionals at TalentSpark share tips on how to land a competitive offer in a competitive market.

Landing Competitive Offers In A Competitive Market

In Salt Lake City, talented professionals from all over are flocking to take advantage of Utah’s historically low unemployment rate of 2.1%. While many sectors in Salt Lake City are seeing an influx of new jobs, some (including finance) are not – leading to a hotly competitive market. 

With the right tools, landing a competitive offer in a competitive job market is not as lofty an ambition as it may seem. Position yourself to get the offer you want with this advice from the team at TalentSpark. 

Build A Professional Presence 

LinkedIn has been a valuable tool for networking and showcasing your professional presence for nearly 20 years, its value for professionals and hiring teams alike has boomed since 2020. Craft a stronger LinkedIn presence with these tips: 

  • Use a professional headshot. This shows you’re serious about your career, and enables potential employers to see the best representation of you. 
  • Follow companies and thought leaders in your industry. Not only will this build your visibility but it will give you an opportunity to glean important insights and information that can guide your career. 
  • Create, share and engage with content regularly. As companies vet potential employees, this will help you stand out and help them feel like they have a strong sense of who you are. 
  • Ask colleagues and friends to grow your endorsements, and do the same for them. One of the best tools on LinkedIn is the ability for professionals to speak to each other’s skills, like a preemptive personal reference. 

Showcase Your Human Side 

Companies are increasingly engaging in values-based recruitment. As consumers and clients are looking for businesses with strong core values, hiring managers are looking for candidates who demonstrate values aligned with theirs. Use your resume and your LinkedIn profile to share your volunteer experience, and organizations you value. 

As you interview for jobs in Salt Lake City (or anywhere), be prepared to speak to the company’s core values and the ways you align as well as the actions you take in your charitable giving – whether it’s time or money, this will make an impact on your interviewers. 

Additionally, follow your interview up with a personal thank you. If you don’t get the offer this time, thank the team for their time and wish them well. This will help you fold the company into your wider network. 

Practice Patience and Flexibility 

In a competitive market, it’s important to be patient and flexible. The recruitment process can take time, as companies will likely want to perform multiple interviews to ensure a candidate lines up with their needs and is invested in staying longterm. 

Be gracious and flexible with your recruiter and the company throughout the process. If you don’t land the offer, stay on the horse. Your determination and positivity will give your recruiter even more to work with when they put you in for the next great opportunity. 

Work With a Top Recruiter

When searching for work in competitive job markets, like Salt Lake City, work with a reputable recruiter. They’ll have the connections and expertise you need to make the recruitment process effective. 

TalentSpark is a renowned recruiting firm built upon the core value of helping people thrive. With a strong network across the Rocky Mountain region, we have built our recruitment to serve our candidates and clients alike. 

If you’re looking to land a competitive offer in Salt Lake City’s competitive job market, contact TalentSpark today via our website