Building a Career Vision Board You’ll Actually Use

If you’re like most professionals, you probably approach career growth in terms of concrete actions like updating your resume, drafting cover letters and attending networking events. These all serve immediate ends, but what about the bigger picture? 

Building a career vision board may seem unconventional, but can be particularly helpful in allowing you to identify purpose, goals and direction for your pursuits. Often used in educational and therapeutic settings, vision boards provide both introspective and motivational benefits. 

Keep reading to learn how to build a career vision board you’ll actually be inspired to use. 

Identify Your Vision

Before you gather supplies, take some time to sit down with a notebook and think about what you want in your life. Start identifying things you wish to accomplish both personally and professionally. Write down the types of experiences and lifestyle you hope to achieve and 

list long-term career goals and the types of skills you’ll need to accomplish them.

When you approach your long-term goals, remember that these are serving as motivation. Even goals that are lofty, like becoming Chair of the Federal Reserve, can help you identify the type of work and service that you value, even if you don’t nab the appointment. 

Find What Inspires You

Get some poster board or other base for your career vision board, some scissors and some glue, and start thinking creatively about your list. Look for visual representations of what you value, the skills you have and what you want to do, accumulate and accomplish.  Search for these in magazines, newspapers, or even online. Think of words and phrases that motivate you and write or print them. 

When you’ve assembled a collection of images and phrases, put them together in a way that makes sense to you: whether it’s a linear timeline, sections of different types of goals and skills, or abstract clusters. 

Place Your Board Somewhere You’ll See It Daily

The trick to actually using a career vision board is being able to see it. Give your motivation visibility by putting your board in a high-traffic area of your home like your office, bedroom or even your refrigerator door. 

Try thinking of your vision board as a sort of visual mantra, offering repeated affirmation and reminders of what you value in your work and your life. 

Bring Your Vision to a Recruiter Near You

With a clear understanding of your skills and goals, the right recruiter can identify actionable steps and opportunities to bring your vision to life. Look for a recruiter near you that has specialized teams that focus on your areas of interest.

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