Allison, Stephanie, Dax, and Amy meet with members of the TalentSpark Team

Recruitment in the bag? Think again.

You have a lot of applicants for your position. All is good from a recruiting perspective, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Until you start qualifying your candidates, the volume of your pool means nothing and frankly, may just be a lot of noise.

Quality Candidates Over Quantity

Case in point, I recently spoke with a company that posted a position and received over 50+ applicants. The company was confident that they could fill their role based on the applicant volume. After several weeks of conducting phone screens, it turns out they didn’t have anyone qualified for the role in their direct applicant pool and had to start the recruitment over, having burned through valuable time and effort and delaying the start date of a critical hire for the organization.
The situation described above is not uncommon. Many companies think applicant volume is correlated with applicant quality, creating a false sense of confidence about the health of recruitment.

How We Can Help

If you have a critical hiring need that requires a specialized skill set, engaging a recruiting firm like TalentSpark can be invaluable, even if you have lots of applicants. You can’t control the quality of your direct applicant pool. Partner with TalentSpark to ensure that you’ll always have access to well-qualified candidates that meet your specific hiring requirements. This approach can ultimately save you time, money, and leaves nothing to chance.

Author: Stephanie Parker, [email protected]