A TalentSpark recruiter searches for top talent local to the Greater Boise area.

Finding Elite Talent in Untapped Markets

In a dramatically turbulent and dynamic hiring market, finding top talent is the name of the game. And winning that game has become really difficult.

In the wake of the “Great Resignation,” thousands of firms are hurting, rife with unfilled positions and languishing growth timelines. The demand is there to promote growth, but finding the staff to sustain and manage it is proving tricky.

Where Are All the Candidates?

In short, they’re wherever they want to be. Unemployment is nearing pre-pandemic lows, and the growth of professional services industries in the past few years has led to surging demand for new hires. This has enabled the most qualified candidates to pursue new jobs (and even entirely new careers) with significant negotiative leverage. Employers in Boise and beyond are struggling to entice the best of the best because they have their pick of compelling opportunities.

The truth is that the candidate market hasn’t dried up because they are sitting at home, or even because they are all content in their current roles. Candidates have become more rare simply due to the demand for them.

Are There Any Untapped Markets Left?

Thousands of professionals have relocated during the past several years as a variety of industries embrace the remote work model. This trend has flung open the search area for finding top talent. In a labor market that contains geographically dispersed teams (some even international), executive search firms are no longer confined to local searches.

However, this makes the professional labor shortage even more perplexing. If candidates can be sourced from nearly anywhere, and can complete their work responsibilities from nearly anywhere, is the market totally tapped out? Fair question. The answer: not quite.

Expand Your Reach and Find Top Talent

Given the state of the labor market as outlined above, employers in the Boise area might be shaking in their boots. However, there exists several untapped markets that can still be exploited – helping these growing firms to find top talent amid a shortage of it.

For one, there could be candidates that have simply not received the right offer yet. If you can convince an applicant that your firm stands above the rest in certain aspects, such as culture, work flexibility, or benefits, you can turn what looks like a tapped-out market into one teeming with promising candidates.

Secondly, the most often overlooked market for finding top talent remains largely untapped: candidates who are not yet actively looking for a job.

This may sound counterintuitive, but when the right executive search firm approaches an all-star professional and informs them that there could be an appealing role for them elsewhere, this can make their ears perk up. An individual who was before not considered part of the “candidate” market, has now become one.

Recruiters specialize in activating passive job searches for candidates who are comfortable in their current roles, but would be open to a change. Through years of cultivating this network, they can often find leads in what look like dry places.

TalentSpark – Tapping All Markets to Find Top Talent

At TalentSpark, we will stop at nothing to find the right fit for your firm – wherever that candidate may be. Our recruiters have a firm grasp of the local and national recruiting market borne from years of experience, and we are confident we can serve your team’s needs. If you are looking to fill finance, accounting, or human resources positions, look no further than your friends at TalentSpark. We pride ourselves on being Idaho’s premier executive search firm, working to optimize your company culture by sourcing the right talent. Check out www.talentspark.com to get in touch with our team and learn why Boise employers love working with us.