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The Essential Career Guide to Changing Industries

Whether your current industry is losing its relevance or you’re simply itching for something new, now is a great time to consider making a change. With several industries seeing a rising demand for talent, 2022 is proving to be a candidate’s market. With a number of opportunities popping up across various roles and sectors, professionals whose industries are losing steam (or are losing steam in their industries) should start preparing themselves to make a change. 

Qualified individuals can take the reins and steer themselves down a new career path with the proper preparation and guidance, even without prior experience in their new field of choice. TalentSpark takes a people-first approach to recruiting, so we are adept at helping our candidates find the opportunities that excite, challenge and empower them. We want to help professionals take advantage of this exciting market, so we are offering an essential career guide to changing industries. 

Keep reading to discover the steps you need to take to find a new avenue for success. 

1. Assess What You’re Looking For 

Wanting a change is different from knowing what change you want. Before you hit the job hunt, take a step back and determine what it is you’re looking for. Ask yourself what types of work you’re interested in, which industries interest you and where you’d like your new path to lead. While you’re assessing your motivators, take time to research which industries are seeing sustainable growth and what types of opportunities exist within those industries. Align your interests and needs with these areas of demand, and create a shortlist of what you would most like to do in the next phase of your career. From there you can make targeted searches for available roles and determine what hiring managers are seeking in candidates.

2. Assess Your Skills

Shaking up your career with an industry change doesn’t have to mean starting back at square one. A number of skills are transferable across industries, especially if you plan on maintaining a similar role. Even if you’re looking to explore different types of roles, your skills may still be applicable. Start by making a list of your hard and soft skills. Taking a personal inventory of both your technical and personal development within your career will enable you to effectively craft a resume that highlights those skills that will serve you in your new field. If you find gaps between your skills and what’s being asked for in a role, jot those down and seek professional development opportunities to build them. 

3. Take Advantage of Your Network

Networking is a vital aspect of the modern professional space. It becomes an even greater asset when you’re in the process of changing industries. Reach out to members of your network who work within your desired new industry to ask questions about transitioning, including which transferable skills you should highlight and what opportunities they’re aware of. Friends and professional relations can connect you with an extended network within your industry of focus. Connecting with these people on LinkedIn will improve your visibility and give you personal insight into the world you’re seeking to enter. When openings pop up that aren’t widely shared, these connections are likely to post them, giving you an opportunity to apply. 

Change Industries with TalentSpark

Unlike traditional recruiting firms, TalentSpark is more focused on career building than simply filling openings. Our recruiters take a dedicated, one-on-one approach with candidates to identify their strengths, improve their weaknesses and learn their goals so that we can connect you with the opportunities you actually want. TalentSpark combines market knowledge with a large network spanning a number of industries. We will help you hone your resume, cover letter and interview skills to aid in your career transition. We’re excited by the opportunities the Great Restructuring is providing for our candidates. We look forward to the opportunity to help you take advantage of it. Take the leap into a new industry with TalentSpark by contacting us at https://talentspark.com/job-seekers/.