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Gain a Competitive Edge in Micron’s Expansion Efforts

Micron’s 2022 announcement of a massive $15 billion investment to expand its semiconductor manufacturing facility, right here in Boise, will be the first new memory manufacturing fab built in the United States in two decades. This investment is poised to be a historic, once-in-a-generation boon for our capital city, estimated to create more than 17,000 direct and indirect job opportunities over the next decade (2,000 for Micron) while adding to the health of the local economy.

According to Micron, the project is just the first of many similar stateside projects on the horizon, on the heels of the recently passed CHIPS and Science Act, where the new semiconductor facility represents the largest investment ever made in Idaho history. Micron intends to invest a total of $150 billion worldwide over the next 10 years for both manufacturing and research and development efforts, in addition to $40 billion by 2029 to build out leading-edge memory manufacturing facilities in the U.S., according to a Micron press release.

Tiered Business Bidding Begins

As this ambitious undertaking begins to solidify and take shape, Micron is currently soliciting hundreds of bid proposals for the multi-year expansion project. Notably, over 10 percent of the total budget will be allocated to diverse and minority owned business entities, underscoring Micron’s commitment to diversity. 

To be eligible as a Tier 1 supplier, businesses must demonstrate their diversity programs and actively engage diverse Tier 2 businesses to fulfill Micron contracts. This emphasis on diversity presents a chance for companies to showcase their commitment to inclusivity and stand out as preferred partners in this venture.

If your company plans to bid on any aspect of Micron’s expansion, partnering with TalentSpark — Idaho’s only certified women-owned recruiting firm — can provide your company with a crucial competitive edge to stand out in the bidding process.

Empower Your Business

By choosing TalentSpark as your recruitment partner for the Micron expansion efforts, your company gains a twofold advantage:

Demonstrating Commitment to Diversity

Collaborating with TalentSpark sends a powerful message to Micron about your company’s dedication to working with diverse suppliers within the community. As Micron looks for partners that align with its diversity goals, having TalentSpark on your side bolsters your credibility and demonstrates your commitment to fostering an inclusive business environment.

Gain a Reliable Talent Partner

TalentSpark is proud of its reputation as Idaho’s Best Recruiting Firm in 2023 (as recognized by the Idaho Business Review), and we have the expert recruitment capabilities to fulfill all your hiring needs — today and in the future. 

Working with us can not only help strengthen your bids and position you to win more business but we can help find and deliver the talent you need to get the job done. 

 We recruit for: 

  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Administrative Support
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Temporary Staffing

Having a proven talent partner can help you win more Micron business. Our recruiters understand their requirements and the specialized skills needed so we can quickly provide qualified candidates that meet the company’s standards. This, in turn, can help strengthen your bids, ease hiring bottlenecks and improve your ability to deliver on what you promise.

Win More Business With TalentSpark

As Micron embarks on its expansion project in Boise, businesses like yours have a unique opportunity to participate and contribute to the growth and economy of the community at large. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to gain a share in Micron’s historic local investment. Take the first step towards securing a successful future by contacting TalentSpark today to explore how we can help your business win and deliver.

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