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3 Benefits of Bringing a Temp On Board

Your company might be coming up on crunch time. Maybe you’re looking for someone to fill in for a current staff vacancy until a full-time hiring strategy is solidified. Or, you’ve created a new role and want to try someone out to see the value they add to your workforce. All this amidst the changing, shifting ambiguities of an uncertain economic climate.

Whatever the case, there are many reasons why a business might decide to bring a temp worker on board. But what are some of the key benefits of having a contract employee for a predetermined, short-term period? Here are three key advantages:

Temps Reduce Workloads, Stress and Burnout

Bringing in a temp takes a load off other staff during peak business periods when temporary responsibilities increase and employees tend to be spread too thin. This could happen once every quarter, or seasonally, depending on the industry or market you’re in. Increased workloads may also fluctuate randomly, so having a contract worker in place for an extended period anticipates these upticks in work.

An affiliated benefit? Absorbing some of this workload means a temp helps alleviate their overburdened colleagues’ risk of stress and burnout — not to mention the extended risk of poor job performance or high turnover. A temp’s flexibility and ability to pivot and adapt means helping everyone on the team meet deadlines, avoid overtime, and most of all, produce great work.

Temps Bring a Fresh Point of View

If a new temp has experience working for several different companies and has been immersed in different corporate cultures, they’ll bring with them a new way of thinking and approaching new challenges. And this can be a refreshing perspective to draw from, especially in workplaces where processes or methods have become a bit stagnant, repetitive or short-sighted — or, in times of economic volatility when a new, stabilizing staff influence is needed. 

One way some temps may achieve this is by bringing to the table a certain specialty or skill that existing permanent staff may not have the qualifications in. This can be especially important for small businesses, which may not have the resources to maintain a full-time specialist staff member. By bringing in a temp worker with specialized skills, businesses can ensure they can access the expertise they need to grow and succeed, without committing to a long-term hire.

Temps Have Permanent Hire Potential 

A temp is nearing the end of their contract period, and their performance has been stellar, making enough of an impression that it can’t be denied they’d make a great addition to the team permanently. The good news is that — compared to hiring a new, full-time staffer — the temp has already been on your team, learned the ropes, and doesn’t require any more onboarding.

You may already have this as your intention, so in this case, it would be good to stipulate this to a new temp that temp to hire would be their job status, if interested. And if you’re working with a recruiter to find a new temp, communicate to them that you’d like the position to possibly transition to full-time hire.

Temps Are an Ideal Solution in an Uncertain Economy 

In addition, a temp employee brings flexibility and the potential for increased productivity and project support, along with the skills and expertise to make them a valued member of your organization, in times of certain and uncertain economic conditions. 

If you’re looking to bring a temp on board (perhaps with the potential to go full-time) and don’t know where to start, TalentSpark can help. We have the resources to fill any vacancy in the Boise and Salt Lake City areas efficiently and strategically. We pride ourselves on maintaining the human element in hiring and helping you find the right candidates to fulfill the role and, most importantly, fit your culture.

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